Russian Immigrants in Canada in Russian Language

Russian blogHi everyone who is reading my blog about Russian immigrants in Canada and other stuff, related to it or not related, up to my mood 😉

In addition to my last post about Spanish, English and Russian languages, short funny example of what to watch when you learn a foreign language FROM foreigners.

When you have an opportunity to learn any language from a native speaking – always watch and check what they tell you. They might be mean people 😉

These are two pretty common examples:

When foreign students come to Russia to study and settle down somewhere in the hostel, their roommates might introduce themselves in funny way.  To make it clear, I’ll switch to English environment to explain what Russian students might do with their new pals.

Imagine if you are a foreign student in Canada with little to zero knowledge of English. And your roommates at the hostel, English native speakers, introduce themselves, very seriously:

Hi, I’m MyHero.

Hi, nice to see you, I’m Sweetheart.

Hey, welcome to Canada, my name is MyLord.

So, you are in a classroom or at the cafeteria shortly after that and you loudly address those guys as Sweetheart, MyHero and MyLord. It is fun, but might hurt 😉

Another example:

Russian striptease and go-go dancers love to teach clients Russian language when working abroad. But they are even meaner! 😀

Again, switching to English to make it clear, imagine you are in a striptease club with little English and want to learn how to approach  English speaking girls.  You ask a dancer to teach you how to say “You are beautiful” and she does, very nicely explaining how to pronounce it phonetically.

  But you have no idea that actually the phrase that you have learned means, let’s say “I’m a stupid idiot” or even worse 😉

Now imagine yourself trying to hook up with a English speaking girl and staring with “Hi, I’m a stupid idiot!”

Fun? Fun! But might hurt! Always watch those joke makers 😉

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