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American football in RussiaHi everyone who is reading this blog about Russia and Russians. This post is about American football in Russia. Yes, this is exactly how it is being called in Russia, no one will understand you if you will say just “football”.

As you might know the only region where FOOTball is played with HANDS is North America. Everywhere else soccer is called football. So the American football is called AMERICAN FOOTBALL overseas, including Russia. The funny thing that it is not very known sport and most of overseas population doesn’t even know the rules of this game. I guess rugby fans would understand it. Not others.

Hence overall it is not popular and known game in those countries across the Pond.

Canadian football

Canadian football

Another surprise for me was the fact that there is a sport called Canadian football. I had no idea about it and am pretty sure most of people overseas has same knowledge as me. Today was the first day when I read Wikipedia article about this game and how popular it is in Canada. Not as much as ice hockey, but still.

Madonna at Super Bowl

Madonna at Super Bowl

Probably the most interesting point of Super Bowl for Russians would be Madonna’s half game performance with her new hit Give Me All Your Loving (sounds ZZ Top’ish, hah?) and her promise to kiss Nicki Minaj (sounds BritneySpears’ish, hah?) 😀

Any way back to the game. This year’s Super Bowl will be the most watchable TV event in North America (as usual) and least watchable event overseas. That’s true.

As about me, I hope some day to learn the rules of this game and watch it on the TV with my friends. If I’ll do it with Russian friends, I probably will be an expert, since they definitely not aware of the rules, stars, tricks of the American football, not saying about Canadian football even.

For now, still watching so called “soccer”: Barselona (город Барселона), Arsenal, AC Milan, Zenit and CSKA – nice to see…

Cheers to players. Peace to fans and supporters.

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