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List Canada RussiaHi everyone who is reading my blog about immigration to Canada. Recently I have found a great website and I want to share it with my readers. I have never had any issues with bed bugs since I moved to Canada (though very familiar with those guys since Russian 1990s 😉 ). Anyway, lucky me, as I see multiple complains about bedbugs all through the country. Let’s see how to avoid bedbugs in Canada.

The website is called and provides all kinds of information about all kinds of bugs living in Canadian buildings. This site was actually mentioned in comments in my Russian website (see the link on the top of the page) – that was how I found it.

It looks very helpful.

You can easily rent a place and sign a 1-year lease in some building which is very much populated with those animals. :)You will find out AFTER moving in, that the place is nasty, but won’t be able to move out.

Check it online and read reports before you sign papers for rent.

I did and they seem to be correct. For example, in my area where I live in Halfax there are no bedbugs, but there are silverfish bugs. So good to know.

Hope it helped.



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