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Russian Canadian BlogI’ve posted an article in Russian version of my blog about benefits in Canada, so it would fair enough to post here something about benefits in Russia 😉

 In the newest Russian history since we have lost USSR, the business was brutal and selfish for about 10-15 years. We call it “wild capitalism” or “crazy 1990th”. Hence, when I was living in Russia, I didn’t get any thing like “benefits package”.

Though some companies could provide their employees with 0% personal loans, payed professional education, commuting coverage or free cell phone – nobody called it “a package”.

Recently, it became a package and serve same way it does in Canada – to attract potential employees and prevent them from quitting.

Mostly a social package includes: additional medical insurance, short-term disability coverage, payed maternity leave. Sometimes – payed professional education, free cell phone (no surprise since cell phone service is very cheap in Russia), fitness, free coffee at the office or even free lunch and so on.

Rarely – payed tourist trips, payed parking…

Medical benefits in Russia

One thing to mention, since it is missed here in Canada by those Russian immigrants who had it in Russia: additional medical insurance.

Health care in Russia is free, same as it is in Canada. But the problem is that free health care can be provided only in the city (town, village) where you are registered to live. If you have moved to another city for work – you won’t be able to go to hospital for free.

Additional medical insurance is the real benefit for this case, since it is unrelated to people registration. But not only because of that.

As we all know, if you need to see a specialist in Canada, you might spend 6-8 months waiting for the appointment and eating Tylenol to suppress the pain. It is not like that in Russia. You will see a specialist in a week at most. And if you have extra insurance – in this case you will not only see your specialist sooner, but also you will receive better service in a better clinic facilities.

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