Russian Immigrants in Canada in Russian Language

unlimited hosting in CanadaSee update about iPage here!

Hi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Canada and immigration from one to one. Today’s post is short and just dedicated to review the iPage hosting I’m using. This is a nice reliable unlimited hosting from iPage,which I consider as reasonable for amateur blogging.

Benefits of iPage unlimited hosting

iPage gives some visible benefits and the first one is pricing. Few bucks for unlimited hosting (no limits for quantity of sites, data bases, disk space, traffic, email addresses, ftp accounts) – that’s the way I like it!!! 😉

If you are about to start blogging, experiment with sub domains, want to have multiple emails, playing with monetizing and don’t want to spend extra money for start – this is your solution.

iPage gives its own interface (instead of the usual cPanel), which I found very friendly, especially when working with domains and emails.

See update about iPage here!

Some free options like toll-free number, a free $75 coupon from Google AdSense are also an asset.

Definitely nice option – free help with WordPress installation – one click and the latest version is installed!

Few more good things: reliable 24/7 support, reasonable uptime, free scripts to install.

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Disadvantage of unlimited iPage hosting

Nothing is perfect and iPage has something to be criticized. Sites on iPage hosting might look slower than others. What is a cause for this slowness – capacity, DB issue or just easy connection issue – that’s I’m not sure. But it is a fact – for WordPress blogging it is a bit slow and bloggers need to compensate it with caching and other tricks (I’ll describe this tricks in later posting – subscribe to RSS feed to not to miss it!) .

But, overall, even when having up to 1000 visitors a day (like one of my new blogs had recently during Junior Ice Hockey Championship 2012 in Calgary) – its loading speed was reasonable.

See update about iPage here!

Overall about iPage hosting

Definitely would recommend you this hosting if your sites are new and/or limited with number of visitors or if you are saving money with new blogs. Few dollars and you have EVERYTHING unlimited.

See update about iPage here!

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