Russian Immigrants in Canada in Russian Language

icon_8_256_Hi everyone who wants to know more about Canadian holidays. Today is one of the holidays that I don’t quite understand: Civic Holiday. It is being celebrated on the very first Monday of August every year. Moreover, it is being called differently in different Canadian provinces.

In Nova Scotia, it is called Natal Day. In other provinces it might be called as British Columbia Day, New Brunswick Day and so on. In some others it is called like a generic Civic Holiday.

The history of this celebration is not clear. Wikipedia says that in 1970s it was established to celebrate multiculturalism and multiple cultural heritages. That’s it.

The good point that the first weekend of August is the one when I personally celebrate my birthday 😉

So I have guaranteed fireworks on Saturday which is nice to have as a part of your birthday party LOL

Great fireworks by the way, I’ll put video on youtube some day soon to share.

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