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Soccer Russia CanadaHi everyone who is reading my blog about Russian immigrants in Canada. Just a quick post about Russian team on Euro-2012: very disappointing and suddenly poor performance. Though it gave us some positive trends and funny scandals, as far as it is possible to stay positive after this epic loss in Euro Cup  2012. 

Russian soccer team on Euro-2012

A reminder: At the Euro-2012 tournament, the Russian soccer team got very easy group with Czech Republic, Poland and Greece and it was 100% expected for them to take 1st standing within this group and go to 1/4 final games with no issues. I can repeat one more time: Russia was an absolute favorite for the Group A and absolutely everyone on our planet who is following soccer news was sure that Russia is “already” in quarterfinal of Euro-2012.

It seems like Russian soccer players and their Dutch coach got this “already” literally 😀

Especially after the first game, where Russia defeated Czech 4:1, absolutely dominating during the game. After that there was a draw 1:1 with Poland which was taken as a incident, not a trend. We were still expecting Russia to go through right before the last Group A game against Greece. As you might know, Russia suddenly lost 0:1 and went home in shame.

Arshavin said it is not his problem

Though not everyone was ashamed with this poor performance. Andrei Arshavin, the leader of Russian soccer team, said in public:

“… if you are disappointed with our performance on Euro-2012, this is not our problem, this is your problem…”

It was a huge scandal in media. Later it was found that this phrase was actually an answer to a particular person’s (who was a drunk Russian parliament member) question, but all soccer supporters took it very personally. Arshavin apologized later but it was too late. Andrey Arshavin, the talented million-bucks player, became a symbol of Russian loss on the Euro-2012.

Dick Advokaat is being called responsible

Another scandal is regarding the coach of Russian soccer team (now former coach) – Dutch specialist Dick Advokaat. If Andrei Arshavin became a media symbol of Russian loss, Advokaat is being called a person who is in charge of Russian fault. Long before Euro Cup, he knew that his contract with Russian Soccer Union will be over by the end of tournament. Advokaat is being blamed that he didn’t take more action on tournament preparation and just was “finishing” his contract.

Especially after Advokaat’s comments about the team performance where he called it “very good”.

ESPECIALLY considering Advokaat’s salary – 7 000 000 euro!!! (The next coach with the biggest salary was Italian team’s Prandelli – 3 000 000 euro, the next – German with 2 500 000 euro).

Kerzhakov “kerzhakoved”

And one more thing, more funny that sad. Russian forward Alexander Kerzhakov got very unlucky on this Euro-2012 and missed so many times while being in very good position in front of the net. It happens with forwards but considering scandals around Russian team after this Euro Cup this multiple misses were taken seriously. Kerzhakov was criticized in media and one of Western newspapers (The Guardian to be precise) even has created a neologism in its text translation, saying that “… de Rossi kerzhakoved…” meaning that he missed being in good position. You can see it here.

Alexander Kerzhakov commented on this saying that he doesn’t see any reason for him being a new verb since all forwards were missing from time to time, including Cristiano Ronaldo for example. He didn’t mention that Ronaldo actually scored 3 times on Euro and played really well, including semifinal against Spain. Well, nothing else to say.

Overall, this loss was painful considering expectations and easy Group A. Let’s wait for oncoming fall World Cup qualifying games.

Cheers and ole!

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