Russian Immigrants in Canada in Russian Language

icon_Photoshop - Fresh Green_Hi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Canada and immigration from one to another one and back. Let’s talk about famous Russians. We already mentioned Alexey Serebryakov here. Who else? Sport gives us tons of athletes who are well-known (and wealth-known 😉 ). Tennis and ice hockey are the key fields. 

Go to the street in Russia and ask about famous Russian sportsmen. People will probably mention someone who you have never heard about. It might be Andrey Arshavin, who is the most known Russian soccer player now, Sergey Bubka, who is actually Ukrainian, Lev Yashin, also soccer celebrity and so on.

It is normal to hear unknown names in another country. For sure there is no one in Russia who has ever heard about American or Canadian football players or baseball players. These sports are not popular in Russia at all.

But let’s talk about famous Russian sportsmen/athletes/players who are actually well-known on this side of the pond.

And the most glorified ones are from tennis and ice hockey.

Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova

Even if Svetlana Kuznetsova, Anastasia Myskina and Elena Dementieva have quite a few Olympic Medals and Grand Slams in their bags, the most known Russian girls here are Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova.
A good question can pop up in your head. Who would win if these two divas met on the court? I personally think that Kournikova wouldn’t have a change against Sharapova. FYI, Anna Kournikova didn’t win any major tournaments during her tennis career and soon became more like a media person. Sharapova has all Grand Slams in her collections. That says a lot.

Alex Ovechkin

Russia is an ice hockey country and always will be. Vladislav Tretyak, Valeriy Kharlamov, Boris Mikhailov – those names are known not only in Russia. Every kid around the globe gets to know these names when starting to play ice hockey.
Sergei Federov, Pavel Bure and Alexey Yashin were the next generation of Red Machine players even though it wasn’t  red anymore.
Today’s star #1 is definitely Alexandr Ovechkin, aka Ovi. His insane goal scored “over the head” is still named as the best goal and takes the first place in multiple Top-10 charts.

Andrei Kirilenko

One of exceprions from the tennis-hockey rules is Andrei Kirilenko, basketball player who spent most of his NBA career in Utah Jazz. Probably, not all people on the street in North America will name him in their list on famous Russians, but still, it worth some recognition.

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