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Aleksey Serebryakov has moved to CanadaHi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia, Canada and Russian immigrants in Canada. Today’s post is about famous Russians immigrants who have moved abroad. Of course, famous in Russia, since not so many Russians are famous world-wide 🙂 So we are talking about recent one – Aleksey Serebriakov immigrated to Canada. 

Alexey is one of the most popular actors in Russia for last decade, since his notorious “Fanat” movie. He immigrated to Canada with his family and gave a emotional interview to Russian newspaper “Arguments and Facts”. I’ll put it here as a quote:

“…moved to Canada with all my family. I want my children to grow up in different “day-by-day” ideology, tolerance and kindness, which is rare in Russia. I want them to understand the value of knowledge and hard working, that it is not necessary to be rude and aggressive, that they don’t need to be scared of people. No matter how I guard my kids and isolate them from the society – I cannot protect them from rudeness and aggression. This is in the Russian air. Rude won… I was thinking about moving to Canada for a while, but made a decision only 2 years ago, after fire smoked Moscow. I’m tired of what is happening in Russia, I gave up. I don’t know when people will get wiser, but don’t want to wait and I can’t wait. Life is short. People say that smiles are fake in Canada? Anyway fake smiles are better than sincere hate…”

Alexey Serebryakov’s colleagues say that he definitely won’t have any problems with job in Russia, even if someone will call him a betrayer. So we will still seeing movies with Serevryakov. His filmography won’t be damaged.


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