Russian Immigrants in Canada in Russian Language

Russia to Canada: immigration and stuffHi everyone who is reading my blog about immigration to Canada. Few additional questions came in after I published a post about temporary accommodation in Toronto: guesthouse Safehomestay. Today I’ll start answering some of them.

It is easy to get worried for new immigrants, especially if you are arriving to the country with your family and feel responsible for everything. One o reasons to worry about: temporary accommodation for first few days/weeks.

Hence, questions are coming about Safehomestay, so I’ve decided to gather some of them together and reply in the post 😉

Important! Thomas, the owner of the Safehomestay guesthouse, is very handy and creative person and always improving everything about its property. Check with him on details, since something might get changed with years.

Washrooms, bathrooms, full bathrooms

Yes, it is confusing in Canada and the word “washroom” sometimes describe more that everything.

Overall, “washroom” usually means a toilet + a sink with tap water. “Bathroom” means same as washroom + a standing shower. “Full bathroom” means same as washroom + a bathtub.

Safehomestay has a front room with a bathroom, a big main floor room with a washroom and two shared full bathrooms on each floor.

I must say, it is very rare to have any sort of waiting line for shared bathrooms. Even if one is occupied – you always can take another one on another floor.

To be continued…

Cheers and good luck!

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