Russian Immigrants in Canada in Russian Language

Russia 2 CanadaHola to everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Russian language. If I confused you with the topic  – my apologies 😉 This is the explanation. We go for a Caribbean vacation every year. And every year I decide to learn some Spanish for fun. And it is fun to speak with native Spanish speaking guys. 

I usually successfully forget all Spanish that I learned in a week after my vacation is over. No practice. Though a lot of opportunities to speak Spanish – this is Canada, lotsa immigrants from all around the globe, including Spanish speaking guys as well.

Anyway, when next vacation is approaching, I start to learn again 😉

And it is fun to learn a foreign language via another foreign language.

I would say that Spanish language is closer to Russian language than English one. Hence it is fun to read multiple comments about something that is already obvious for me.

Example: what is the difference between “you” and You”? Yes, in both Russian and Spanish there is “You” starting with capital letter (no matter if it is in the beginning of the sentence or not). The lowercase “you” is being used when you talk to a bunch of people gathered together whoever they are OR with someone who is your friend or you are familiar with him or her. The capitalized “You” we say when we talk with someone we respect or not familiar with: someone older, someone more senior, someone you don’t know.

So, one again, it is fun to read explanation of such things and realize that there is something in foreign languages that you know better than other foreigners 😀



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