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Metro Transit Strike in HalifaxWell well, 6-weeks transit strike in Halifax is over. Who won? Nobody. People were suffering while walking and car-pooling (it is February, by the way, -15C and 40 minutes walk – sounds bad, hah?), strikers were suffering with lack of salary (I hope so) and the city had a headache with all of this. Why are unions allowed to take people as hostages to reach their financial goals? I dunno and next election I’ll vote for whoever is against unions. But let’s talk about something else: unions and strikes in Russia 😉

When I grew up in Soviet Union I knew for sure: strikes are good. We have been told that this way our brothers in Western countries are fighting against capitalism. Something like that. Any news regarding any strike in US or Western Europe made us happy and believing that world-wide communist revolution is on its way and soon it is going to be United Socialist States of Amerika and stuff.. 😀

There were unions in USSR by that time, but they were loyal to communist government. The idea was like it is a people country, people are in power, workers work for people, so they don’t need to fight against themselves with strikes or whatever. Whatever it was.

strikes in USSR

unions in Soviet Union

In 1990ths when USSR fell apart and we’ve lost communism, we’ve lost unions as well. We didn’t pay attention though.

But even without unions, Russia got strikes all around: workers were fighting against new Russian capitalists, against government. The notorious one was a miners’ strike in Siberia in 1990ths. They blocked Trans-Siberian railroad, taking thousands of passengers as hostages.

Overall, number of strikes were due to really poor life conditions, months of salary delays, society anger in general.

So I knew that strikes are not really good anymore. As anyone around, I was impacted by strikes, more or less. Communist propaganda didn’t work well.

Halifax buses on strike

Halifax buses on strike

Finally arrived to Canada as a permanent resident, I’ve started seeing unionized strikes. If someone doesn’t know what it is – I can explain. This is when very well-paid employees stop working to demand a salary increase. And when it is about any vital part of infrastructure (bus drivers as an example) – thousands of people become hostages of someone’s greed.

As I said, next election I will vote for anyone who can stop this practice. Period. Exclamation mark.

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