Russian Immigrants in Canada in Russian Language

icon_Search5_Hi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Canada. Some follow up on the Western reaction regarding the famous Russian meteor exploded over Chelyabinsk oblast. Besides other comments we can hear some unusual: How did Russians manage to record multiple videos of this amazing fireball and we (Americans) don’t even have a record of a plane crashed into Pentagon? 

That question absolutely makes sense. Multiple videos with the Russian meteor explosion popped up on youtube minutes after the event. This is just an example:

Americans asked questions from “Is it mandatory to install Event data recorders on cars in Russia?” to “Does Russia have better NASA than our NASA so they knew it is coming?”

So NO and NO, but still event data recorders are very popular in Russia. Why?

Event data recorders in Russia

No need to mention, Russia is very corrupted country and the road police is a notorious example. Each and every driver in Russia has some dedicated amount of cash in his or her pocket which is called “for gaishnik” where gaishnik is an officer of GAI (State Auto Inspection) to bribe him.

Event data recorders might help Russian drivers to deal with shameless road police officers.

Another example: Russian mafia setup

This is very common crime when your car in Russia being cut in by someone and then that car suddenly stops. One or few mafia members came out and demand money from the driver, threatening him with violent behavior.

Event data recorders might (and must) help with this as well.

And finally, insurance system in Russia is not perfect and these devices are definitely an asset when dealing with greedy insurance companies.

This is ironic, but corruption, gangsters and imperfect insurance system let us see these picturesque videos of Russian fireball 😀

And finally, a quick link to a partner: видео форд эксплорер тест драйв

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