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Hi everyone who is reading my blog about immigration to Canada. Short post with a timeless topic: How to find friends in Canada for a new immigrant. You just moved to Canada, you are single, you feel alone. You have a facebook account with few friends but no one calls you to invite to a party? Let’s fix it! 

Internet is the powerful tool to connect to people. But not many people will contact you to meet offline, even if you are their friend on the Facebook.

Don’t call your life “full” if you spend hours chatting with someone.

Go live!

First, find your local national community via forums or even Facebook and attend live events. Not always helpful, but good to start.

Important! Don’t attach yourself exclusively to your national community. I think you want to improve your speaking English, don’t you?

Go to your church if you are religious.

Find your pals via your hobby. They might be happy to catch up with a fresh newcomer looking for something new in your/their hobby.

Start doing sports even if you haven’t done any sport before. Canada is very sporty and provides a lot of opportunities. Great soccer fields, tennis courts. It is easy to learn new sports, people will help you. Remember, when it comes to play – your future friends are desperately looking for partners. It takes two people to play tennis, even more to play soccer. Zero experience is welcome, believe me 🙂

And finally, if it is not easy for you to approach people at all, go to your local immigration center, government funded organization that helps new immigrants. They will ASSIGN some local volunteer to be your friend, to meet you, to talk to you, to show you things around.

Good luck!

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Щомиті відбуваються якісь цікаві події в Україні та світі. І про ці всі події можна прочитать на сайті новинновини по максимуму)

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