Russian Immigrants in Canada in Russian Language

U20 world championship ufa-2013Hi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Canada. Today’s post is related to both!!! 2013 Ice Hockey U20 World Championship is approaching. Woohoo! Let’s see what is special about this year junior tournament. 

There is actually something special about this junior ice hockey championship.

First of all, it is happening along with a NHL lockout. People in Canada don’t have enough hockey, they are craving for it.

Though it is always a great event in Canada and attention to U20 championship is always exceptional, this crazy NHL lockout will make it a blast.

Second, we consider a final game Russia-Canada as a “cherry on a top of the cake” but this year I wouldn’t bet on it. Lose play last year made ended both teams in the same Group B, so it is rare chance that both of them will make to a final. But there is a chance. Will see.

Third, locally in Halifax, fans are following Jonathan Drouin and Nathan MacKinnon, two forwards of local team Halifax Mooseheads, as it is rare for locals to play for a national team. The last one was Brad Marchand and it was 4 years ago!

Who would be a favorite for this championship? Russians of course! Home arena in Ufa (Russia) and a mighty team. Sweden and Canada to follow. Enjoy!

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