Russian Immigrants in Canada in Russian Language

Russia 2 Canada blogHi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Canada and immigration from one to another one and back. Just a short post about a hosting iPage I that  was using for about a year and finally moved out to Sitevalley. Sort of review for iPage hosting.

For a while, I was pretty excited when I got my first unlimited hosting. My previous, Namecheap, was more expensive and gave me very limited options (few domains, few DBs, few email addresses). With iPage I felt like a king – unlimited everything.

BUT, as I mentioned already here, there is no such thing like unlimited 😀

iPage was very slow with sites based on WordPress and even more…. But let’s start with pro’s first, then with con’s.

Quick link to a partner: Континентальная Хоккейная Лига | ЦСКА – Динамо М 0:2

iPage PRO’s:

  • Unlimited everything.
  • Cute interface, more comfirtable that cPanel.
  • Very cheap for 1st year (see con’s)

iPage CON’s:

  • Very slow with CMS Worpress. If you are using this CMS – stay away from iPage (easy html pages load fine though)
  • Cheap 1st year, but not so cheap when next year is coming. I paid about $3.00/mth for 1st year as advertised. But for next year of hosting, they charged me (automatically!!!) $107/year. Thanks Lord I cancelled, They did refund with no issues.

Overall: iPage nice and cheap for 1st year and fast enough if you are using HTML, but very slow with CMS and expensive when 1st year of hosting is over.

Finally I’ve moved to Sitevalley and now I’m pretty happy.

Good luck!

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