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Russian Canadian blogHi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Canada. Today’s one is a guest post from my wife, beautiful Pani Xenia. She will tell some handy tricks for people who is about to go to PEI with their cars.

Let me tell you about my road trip to Prince Edward Island. There are tricks and hints that will help you to save your time and money if you are planning to go to this tiny Canadian province as a tourist, as a visitor or, like me, to camping on the Cavendish Beach.

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Pani Xenia

It is good to keep in mind that PEI is actually an island, so it is not free to go there with your car. You must take a ferry from Pictou, NS or go via the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick.

Which one is cheaper? Which one is faster? That’s the first trick I’m about to tell you.

You will have to pay just once during your visit to PEI – when you are leaving an island. Both the ferry and the toll-bridge ate free when you are heading to PEI.

But the ferry is more expensive when you are leaving. It costs $66 for the car and the toll-bridge costs $44.25. Hence, it is better to go there by the ferry and to go back via the Confederation Bridge. Of course, we are talking about tourists and first-time-goers who wants to experience everything.

You can reach the ferry after two hours of smooth driving from Halifax to Pictou by the Hwy 102-104-106. There are nine ferries scheduled during the day on the peak season in summer, but remember to come earlier. The ferry has limited space, so if you arrive 10 minutes before its departure – there is some risk it will be full already and you will have to spend almost two hours waiting for the next one (like we did by the way).

On the bright side, it is a pleasant well-wasted time to wait for the ferry. Views are awesome and we had a nice outdoor lunch on the rocky shore next to the ferry terminal.


As I mentioned, the ferry is free when you go to PEI. Enjoy 70 minutes ride!!!

When leaving, take a toll bridge. The 12km long Confederation Bridge was built in 1997 and it is worth to take it at least to see one of PEI attractions. Moreover, it is faster way to travel, since you don’t have to wait for the ferry.

And finally, one more hint: fill your gas tank on Prince Edward Island before leaving. Gas is about 10% cheaper on PEI than in Nova Scotia!!!

Have fun!


Pani Xenia

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