Russian Immigrants in Canada in Russian Language

Cars Russia CanadaSince I’ve got a wonderful road trip to Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia last weekend (including a vinery tour, overnight in fancy victorian B&B and a whale watching tour) I asked myself why didn’t I do it in Russia for years I lived there. Let me tell you why.

No, thanks. Russia is not the best place for road trips.

No infrastructure

Not sure if something changed during last 7 years since I left Russia, but by then there was no tourist infrastructure along the roads whatsoever. No good food stores, no motels, no stopovers to have some rest.

Poor road condition

We have an old joke saying “Russia has two disasters: stupids and roads”. This is a stereotype, but makes sense though. Roads are horrible. It is getting better in rich regions (read Moscow), but overall it is not enjoyable to drive at all.

No safe driving traditions

Lack of divided highways plus unsafe driving habits won’t let you relax while you are on the road. Someone is always passing someone with high-speeding and high-beaming. Even if you are run slowly and nicely – there is always danger ahead.

Corrupted road police

In Russia, road police is everywhere. But not only to serve and protect. Sometimes vice versa to demand money, as it is very corrupted structure.

No attractions

Overall there are not many attractions to have a look at. Unlike Canada where each and every town has something for tourists to watch, try or taste – Russia is not spoiled with tourist activity, hence lacking attractions for them.

No, I haven’t tried any road trip in Russia. You?

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