Russian Immigrants in Canada in Russian Language

Russian FoodHi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Canada and immigration from one to another one and back. Since I moved to Canada in 2005, people are still asking me if I dance Mamushka. I was surprised at first.

Not everyone but many of us know the scene from Addams Family where Mamushka was presented. This looks like a Russian dance, but it is not. 😀

What is this then? Don’t take it seriously, this is just one of stereotypes about Russians. LOL.

  1. First, there is no such word in Russian “Mamushka“. It sounds close to how Russian call their mothers “Mamochka” or so, but not more than that. Don’t be surprised when you ask Russians “Do you dance Mamushka?” and they reply “What?
  2. Second, the dance that foreigners consider as Mamushka, is actually a set of moves that being used for a number of dances in Russia and its Slavic neighbors (Belarus, Ukraine). There is not such dance.
  3. Third, these dance moves are legacy, not all of Russians actually use them today. Only dancers who dance folk Russians dances, that’s it.

I remember when I was asked first about Mamushka. Alex, the shift manager at Pizza Hut in Toronto, asked me and when I said “What?“, he actually  showed me some moves to explain. Haha.

If he is reading this post now – Hi Alex! 😉

But still, if you ask, it is not offensive. Probably Russians will ask “What?“, but laugh when you explain.

Cheers and good luck in the World of translations!

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