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Russia 2 Canada FoodHi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Canada. Another post about Russian language from a native Russian 😉 Let me briefly explain to you one popular idiom that is being used in Western countries in a very wrong way. Same as Mamushka and Babushka – it is “Na zdorovje” (Na zdorovie, Nostrovia) 😀

Urban Dictionary defines “Na zdorovie” as “… traditional word commonly used as a toast meaning To your health or just Cheers.” And that is absolutely correct!!! 😉

The trick is that this word is commonly used as a toast anywhere but Russia. Moreover, it is used mostly in Hollywood movies LOL

You might say that you are an eye witness of Russians who used it as a toast. I have to admit again. Yes, Russians use this word as a toast. The reason is because it is funny!!! Russians are making a joke when following Hollywood stereotypes 😉

The toast (exactly like it should be said) sounds like that: “ZA zdorovie” – it means “To your health”

Meanwhile “NA zdorovie” means also “To your health”, but being used ONLY as a reply to thanks (similar to English “your are welcome”) or as a part of the sentence when something good is being offered like “This are pancakes, eat to your health!”


Cheers and good luck!

8 Responses to “Russian Language From A Native Russian: Na zdorovje”

  • Terry:

    LOL I had no idea

  • Vik:

    Funny stuff, but everyone still says Na zdorovia, not Za zdorovia

  • szybas:

    If you hear that phrase in real life – you can be sure that the drinking guys are NOT Russian but Polish!
    In Poland we say “Na zdrowie!” – which is roughly pronouced like “nazdrovje” without the first “o” in “na zdorovje”. It actually means “Cheers!” or “Salut!” while drinking, but it is often used when someone sneezes – in English we say “Bless You!”.
    Another meaning of “Na zdrowie!” is when someone is handing You a meal – it’s a bit unusual elswhere than in closely related people (and used widely by elderly people while treating someone with self made dishes)

    • costa:

      Really?!!! Ahhhhhhh 😀 That’s funny, I had no idea and none of my Russian friends know about these Polish roots.
      I’ll write a separate post about it to let everyone know 🙂
      Thanks a lot.

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