Russian Immigrants in Canada in Russian Language

How to monetize the blogThe subject question is always in front of any blogger, sometimes right after his blog is created, sometimes later, when this blog is happily flooded with number of visitors 🙂
As about promoting the blog – no questions. It is up to blogger’s budget and his ability to find some free time for this. Without promotion the blog will not be flooded with visitors 😉  As about monetizing the blog this is really up to blogger’s decision. This is very personal thing if the blogger wants to spoil his blog with banners and/or teasers.

I decided following:

Promote the blog

Will optimize as possible and use internal linking. Will promote with low-to-medium frequency keywords like “Russian immigrants” and “Immigration to Canada” and only for free. Promotion budget = $0

This way I’d expect to have first 100 visitors a day by the end of June 2012.

Monetize the blog

This is my personal blog, so I will treat it personally 😉 No teasers with weird stuff like “Horrible tragedy in Britney Spears family” or “Alien lives in the David Beckham’s left kidney” 😀 Banners – may be as soon as I’ll have enough visitors. I will sell links for sure – that’s fine for me. And, the most important – context ads from Google Adsense – this is an ideal monetizing or any blog.

Something like that 🙂

Quick link to a partner: полиглот выучим английский язык за 16 часов
And one more: Украина,с.Тростянец

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