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Russian CanadianHi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Canada and immigration from one to another one and back. In addition to my previous post about temporary accommodation for immigrants in Toronto in general, it is time to write a review about Safehomestay, one of leaders (or, may be, THE leader) of this business in Toronto.

I lived in Toronto for 1.5 years right after landing in Canada in 2005 and all that time I was a proud tenant of Safehomestay, which is owned and managed by Thomas and Carol.

Safehomestay is conveniently located next to the Fairview Mall in North York, minutes walk from Don Mills subway station. Location is perfect or those who like quiet places far from crowded downtown, though it is easy to reach downtown when you live next to the subway, so it works for all.

The website has more details on rooms/facilities/rates, check it out.

The street where Safehomestay is located is called Allenbury Gardens, it is a neat crescent, very quiet and clean. Fairview Mall is across the street, few minutes walk. The bus terminal and the Don Mills subway station is next to the mall, it is very important for new immigrants who has not any car yet.

Another advantage – free consultations from Thomas who is very helpful and very experienced regarding everything you need to do within few first weeks in Canada. Check his website for information first, feel free to ask in person, you won’t be rejected. I’d say I was lucky to meet Thomas, his tenants become his friends for years.

Important to note:

  • This is not a hotel, so towels, soap, shampoo etc are not provided.
  • Bring cash, Safehomestay doesn’t accept credit cards.
  • Food is not served, though there are plenty bowls/cups/plates/utensils on the kitchen, feel free to cook. If you prefer to eat outside, go to Fairview Mall across the street or to Peanut Plaza in opposite direction, there are a lot of food stores at both.
  • Book in advance – Safehomestay is very busy guest house.

Would I recommend to stay at Safehomestay? Yes, definitely.

Would I return to Safehomestay when visiting Toronto? Yes I would and I actually did twice 🙂

Enjoy you stay in Safehomestay and say hi to Thomas and Carol from Konstantin from Halifax when you see them.


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