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Russian CanadianHi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Canada and immigration from one to another one and back. Today’s post is going to be about temporary accommodation in Toronto if you want to save money and find friends from around the world.

The question “Where to stay in Toronto?” is one of the biggest for new immigrants arriving to Canada via Toronto, Canadian major gateway.

The answer is really up to your wallet size. Hotels are luxury and expensive, motels are cheaper, but require a car to have.

Good news – it is a city populated by immigrants who know other immigrants’ needs and, hence offering number of services for new immigrants. Including specific “temporary accomodation” service.

  • New immigrants need someone to meet them at the airport, bring to the safe and quiet place to stay for few days or even weeks.
  • New immigrants need to do a lot of initial paperwork, so wise suggestions are appreciated.
  • New immigrants need to live next to subway – it is very convenient, next to food stores while they don’t have a car.
  • New immigrants need to socialize, since they might feel lonely in new country.

Can you have it from the hotel, even from expensive one? No!

Can you have it from the nice motel chain like Best Western or so? No!

The key is a special temporary accommodation for immigrants like Safehomestay guesthouse. I’m going to tell you about this guesthouse in my next post, I lived in Safehomestay for 1.5 years (not so temporary, hah? 😀 ) so stay tuned, subscribe to the blog RSS feed above, review is coming. UPDATE: Posted, click here.



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