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Hi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Canada and immigration from one to another one and back. Just a short post to express my excitement with oncoming vacation and Caribbean escape-from-snow thing if you know what I mean… 

It is Fall – time to monitor Caribbean tours for a good one to take in Winter!


I do it every year and November is a month when we are receiving pricing for direct flights Halifax-Caribbean, with no connecting flights in Toronto or Montreal (those people are lucky – they have direct flights all year round).

Why would I care about direct flights? Because of the priceless time!!! Direct flight means you will be on the beach in 5 hours. Connecting flights mean losing few hours in Toronto, for instance. Few hours mean I won’t be on the beach that day at all – arriving late afternoon when sun goes down already. That means minus one day of vacation, right? 😉

Slowly we need to start checking vacation “all-inclusive” packages. Few more months – and we (by we I include my wife sweetheart Pani Xenia) will be on the white sand beach with my favorite Caribbean drink: dark rum + red martini + cola.

Criteria: 1 week, at least 4* all-inclusive resort, budget – up to $1000 per person. Probably Cuba or Mexico, since we were on Dominican last Winter.

I’ll keep this blog updated with findings.


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