Russian Immigrants in Canada in Russian Language

Soccer Russia CanadaHi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Canada and immigration from one to another one and back. Shame on Russian soccer but Russian clubs are out of UEFA Champions League. Again. 

Yes, it is a big deal. Every year Russian champion and the silver medalist go to Champion League to chase the UEFA Champions Cup.

Every year Russian champion says something like “This year we can win the League” and start buying extremely expensive players.

The most recent example: Zenit bought Halk and Witsel for 100 000 000 dollars, the pile of money higher than a annual budget of some European clubs and twice higher than Anderlecht’s budget for instance.

And now Zenit will fight mentioned above Anderlecht for 3rd place in their group (first two positions are taken by Malaga and Milan respectfully).

I’m not talking about Spartak, the second Russian club who can relax and play the last game in the group just for fun – Spartak is already on the last place in the group and won’t get any higher.

The problem is not even with position taken by the club in the Champions League group. The shame comes from the play itself. The champion of Russia, the greatest of the great, the richest of the rich, who can win Russian championship a month before it is ended, become lame and pu$$y when playing against European clubs. Not even against Barcelona or MU, but against Anderlecht and Celtic as well (with all my respect to these clubs).

Money don’t help. Russian ice hockey is awesome, Russian soccer sucks.

I’m not about giving advices to the management or the coach, no way. It’s just to express the impression haha 🙂

Anyway, this year was even more shameful that previous. Russian invasion is over, let’s wait for the next year.

P.S. Keep watching UEFA Europa League – Anji and Rubin go pretty well. Ole!

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