Russian Immigrants in Canada in Russian Language

Russian immigrants in CanadaHi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Canada and immigration from one to another one and back. Since Russia had lost its communism 20 years ago and Iron Curtain disappeared, more and more Western traditions come to Russian day-to-day life. One of them – Halloween 🙂

Funny thing, until I moved to Canada, I was pretty sure that Halloweel is spelled as Helloween, as I grew up with the same-named German metal band music 😀 Moreover, in glory 1990’s I thought that the name comes from Hell-win, something like “Victory of hell“. Those days we didn’t have Wikipedia…

Anyway, Halloween, one of the most popular celebrations in Western countries, was hardly accepted by Russian people. And it is still exotic over there.

Surveys show that less than 10% of Russian population are about to celebrate it. Though all night clubs are setting up Halloween parties and also more and more stores sell Halloween costumes.

While many Western religions agree that Halloween has religious roots and accept its celebration,  Russian Orthodox Church is strictly against it.

Those rituals teach our children that we need to pay some sort of tribute to the Evil, accept it or even collaborate with it, instead of fighting it.

Protopriest Vsevolod Chaplin

I didn’t catch up with Halloween when I lived in Russia and now I’m wondering if it is being celebrated by my friends and relatives. Didn’t ask them and going to 🙂

Do you celebrate Halloween?


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