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Hi everyone who is reading my blog about Russia and Canada and immigration from one to another one and back. It might be not cool to see when immigrants, who spent whole bunch of money and, more important, years of effort to move to Canada, when they are moving back to their home country. Why do they do it?

I’ve collected possible reasons for re-immigration (repatriation) and listed below (randomly, not by a reason or by statistics) :

1) Homesick

Yes, the very usual homesick. Everything is fine, but everything is not like at home. No problem, no language barriers, money is good, but homesick eats you alive.

2) Disappointment

It is surprising, but many immigrants know very little about their new home country. Their future income, social status, life conditions – all is being imagined very approximately, sometimes based on Hollywood movies. Hence their future life is over-estimated, their future problems with adaptation are under-estimated. They go back home wondering that their home country is not so bad. 🙂

3) Goals not reached

Everything was planned, calculated very carefully. But after arrival the goals were not reached. Immigrants come to Canada, start to work on their dreams (sometimes the immigration itself is not a dream) but after a while, their goals are still somewhere far ahead.

4) Inability to adapt

This is about someone’s adaptation to a new environment, both mental (new traditions, language, law) and physical (climat, food etc).

5) They didn’t want from the beginning

It sounds funny, but not all immigrants come to Canada by their own will.

Examples: children who was brought here by their parents can grow up and move back, wives who moved to their husbands can get divorced and move back et cetera.

6) They planned to move back

  • Immigration for children sakes. It is very common to immigrate to Canada to safe kids from something in their country (mandatory military service, for instance) or to provide them with better future (better education, better social environment (see the post about  Russian celebrity Alexey Serebryakov). So, when children become independent, their parents go back to their home country.
  • Immigration to obtain Canadian citizenship. A lot of immigrants come to Canada just for few years to get the Canadian passport and to go home after that. Canadian passport is very valuable  – you can travel around the globe with no visa required and, more important, you will be saved in case any social instability in your country.

7) Loss of their social status

It is not comfortable to start new life from scratch. Even if you make more money. How come? Imagine you were a businessman. Small business, little income, but YOUR OWN. Imagine you had your shiny business cards with the title “General Director”. Imagine you had employees. And now you have a job, YOU are an employee! Gross?

8 ) Less income

Yes, sometimes people make more money in so-called “developing” countries. So if somebody made $5000 (tax-free) before immigration and $2000 (before taxes) after immigration? Minus taxes, minus insurance, minus more expensive accommodation.

9) Increasing level of live in home country

Sometimes people decide to immigrate because they are looking for a better level of live. Can we blame them? They apply for immigration, wait for 4-5 years patiently, move to Canada, settle there, start living. It is been 10 years since they decided to immigrate. But unlike Canada, many countries are not stable – and within these 10 years life in those countries got better.

Immigrants have stable but average life in Canada while their friends in their home countries enjoy advantage of booming economy.

Probably this pendulum will swing back at some point, but now it is booming!!! Screw stability and let’s use it.

That’s shortly 😉 Let me know if any other ideas pop up.

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  • lr:

    Oh wow, there really is corruption everywhere! All of your should have heard about the Victoria BC McDonald’s Restaurant corruption (Topix, Victoria BC Canada) by now on various media? McDonald’s franchisees lied to the Canada Government temporary foreign workers program about not being able to find any Canadians to do the work. The foreign workers were favoured in FT, promotions, over Canadians. The foreign workers were also made to work overtime without pay and end up being paid less then BC minimum wage. McDonald’s Canada is now cutting off the franchisees and investigating all the others across Canada. The Federal Government is now talking about fines and possible prison time for the McDonald’s franchisees. The owners got their pictures on TV for all to see.The owners only brought in foreign workers to avoid Canada labour laws and standards for excessively greedy profit. Many say the Temporary Foreign Workers Program should be scrapped and Canadians first.

  • I’m really tired of people conflating legal immigration with illegal immigration and using it to impugn and falsely accuse Americans of being against immigration. I expect this kind of thing from some kinds of newspapers, but I can’t believe I’m actually reading this fallacious and insulting conflation in the Economist.

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